Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Contact a Specialist Today!

Bob Gabriel Company has over 60 years of experience assisting clients with their workers’ compensation needs.  Our staff is highly experienced in workers’ compensation and understands the controls needed to produce the best outcomes for our clients and their employees.  Bob Gabriel Company has access to most workers’ compensation markets and manages its clients’ workers compensation programs with a proactive service model.

At Bob Gabriel Company, we understand that well informed clients make better business decisions.  It is our number one priority to make sure our clients have all the facts, whether they are choosing an insurance company, making a medical provider decision, providing alternative work assignments, managing an experience modification, or implementing risk management controls.  We understand the importance of a knowledgeable producer to the success of your workers’ compensation program.

Over the years, Bob Gabriel Company has managed workers’ compensation insurance for hundreds of clients.  We take great pride in our ability to help both small and large employers navigate the complexities of the workers’ compensation system and control their workers’ compensation costs.  Our experience modificationloss controlclaims management, and risk management services assist clients with their specific needs.   We stay up to date on the dynamic nature of our business and ensure our clients understand those changes that impact their business.  At Bob Gabriel Company our client’s needs are very important.  Our goal is to implement a superior workers’ compensation program for each of our clients and free up their time so they can focus on their business.

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