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We Offer Claims Management Services

At Bob Gabriel we take claims management very seriously.  Experience tells us that the longer a claim stays open, the more costly it becomes.  We also understand the complexities of the workers’ compensation law and current trends that drag claims out and drive claim costs up.  At Bob Gabriel  we work on our client’s behalf to ensure that employees are treated fairly and claims are closed on time.  We have the claims qualifications, knowledge, and experience, to analyze claims and make recommendations to improve claim outcomes.  We have established strong relationships with our insurance companies and a comfort level in discussing claims strategies and plans of action.  We understand the progression of a claim and the proactive steps needed to control the direction of the claim early.  Here are some of our claims management services capabilities:

  • Posting Requirements
  • Employee Notice
  • Claims Reporting & Investigation
  • Fraud Recognition
  • First Aide
  • Medical Provider Selection & Control
  • Litigation Management
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Workforce Strategies
  • Reserving
  • Case Law
  • Labor Code

Please contact us for more information our Claims Management Services and how we can assist you with your workers’ compensation needs.

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